Executive Search

Executive Search

SC Global’s service offering enables organisations to gain and increase their competitive edge by delivering the leading industry performers at board, senior executive and management level across a range of specialist sectors.

We provide the following services for our clients:

  1. Executive Search – Attract and Retain
  2. Advertising selection – Brand and Hire
  3. Consulting Assignments – Assess and Select

EXECUTIVE SEARCH – Retained Assignments

SC Global has access to a network of the leading performers in specialist sectors. Alongside nurturing long term candidate/client relationships in their niche fields, we also maintain and update our research facility that attracts, monitors and retains the career moves of business leaders in specific sectors.


Our Talent Managers maintain constant communication with you throughout the assignment process they initially identify the specific needs of your business and unique requirements of the role. They then make discreet and direct contact with appropriate candidates using their skills and experience to present your role effectively and honestly to encourage and engage their interest. Selected candidate then go through an in-depth screening process to ascertain their fit and behavioural style before a shortlist is presented.

Our team supports you throughout the interview and offer process to ensure that you secure the right candidate. This final stage of the search is often the difference between success and failure. Careful monitoring and tactful communication, addressing concerns on each side is vital to ensure successful completion of an assignment. To ensure that the successful candidate makes a positive impact, we will follow up at regular intervals with both client and candidate.


Advertised campaigns for specific roles are still the most effective way to attract and retain senior level appointments. We recommend the Brand and Hire approach when you are looking to broaden your existing candidate base, where speed of response is top priority and for roles in certain locations.


Our Talent Managers maintain constant communication with you throughout the assignment process. They will first work with you to uncover the specific needs of your business and ascertain the unique requirements of the role.

We will then advise you where and when to place your advertisement. We will then work with you to design the advertisement with our in-house designer and write the copy, ensuring that the position is presented in the most effective and professional manner.

Our team will handle all of the response from the advertisement, and after initial screening, we set our executive search process in motion. Selected candidates then go through an in-depth screening process to ascertain their fit and behavioural style to judge how candidates are likely to behave in the role and to ensure a successful first round selection. We will then present you with a short list and support you through your selection and offer process so you secure the best candidate for the role.

CONSULTANCY –Assess and Select

We undertake bespoke consultancy and research projects for our clients. Our Talent managers and research associates have in-depth knowledge of their sectors and have the capability to deliver accurate assessments of markets, employment conditions and leadership issues in these areas.

We offer market salary surveys to identify competitive packages for new roles, competitor analysis against which to position a new venture, market appraisals and emerging trends. We pride ourselves in using the most up to date and innovative candidate assessment tools and techniques to predict performance. We also deliver staff assessments to evaluate performance and compare those with your leading competition. Assessment days, Executive on boarding and Executive coaching is also a specialist area for SC Global.

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